Who Runs Rock Camp?

PJ and Todd are the heart and soul of the Rock Camp; PJ as the program’s head instructor and the creative core building bonds between kids through music; Todd as the “executive producer” bringing the people and resources together necessary to host a really great program for kids.

In addition to PJ and Todd is an amazing team of community-minded people that have come together as a planning committee to organize and execute all of the Rock Camp’s activities. The committee falls under the Brassard Media who acts as fiduciary to facility the financial administration, provides for liability and event insurance, and coordinates promotion activities.

The Rock Camp program requires volunteers for planning the camp, working on various camp activities from logistics to marketing, and providing supervision (chaperones) of campers during operation. The hours of operation (1pm – 9pm) have been chosen in part to make it easier for working people to volunteer their time outside of normal working hours.

Development Team:

  • PJ Olsson – Creative Director
  • Todd Brassard – Program Director
  • Kenny Stahl – Technical Director/Production Manager


  • PJ Olsson – Lead Instructor (creative, performance)
  • Todd Brassard – Instructor (production, performance)
  • Kenny Stahl – Workshops & Support (technical, performance)
  • Hannah Bethel – Instructor (vocals, guitar, performance)
  • Matthew Vrba – Instructor (vocals, guitar, performance)
  • Milt Olsson – Instructor (vocals, piano, rhythm, performance)
  • Joel Neves – Workshops & History
  • Dan Komarzec – Workshops & Support (bass)
  • Mike Irish – Workshops & Support (guitar)


  • Renee Cunningham – Asst. Program Director
  • Dan Komarzec – Sound & Lighting Tech
  • Karen Olsson  – Marketing Chair
  • Jessie Brassard – Marketing


  • Myiah Bethel – Graphic Designer
  • Ray Bosley – Photographer
  • Dan Cunningham – Photographer
  • Adam Johnson – Rock Star Photo Shoot
  • Trudy Olsson – Love & Help

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